About Us

We are an innovative Steel Detailing Company servicing clients across the United States and Worldwide. We specialize in providing our clientele with high quality drafting production and end to end project services, representing core Structural Steel Detailing Services to steel fabricators, contractors, engineers, steel erectors and the construction industry.

Our expertise is delivering exceptional quality, accurate, timely, predictable outcomes and the best structural steel detailing services to our client's to ensure each job is done right the first time.

We use Building Information Modeling(BIM) techniques with all of our services. BIM service consist of full information and visual representation for architects, consultants, builders, engineers and owners; by creating parametric, stylish, intellectual models. BIM building Information Modeling analyzes documents and delivers designs from the abstract phase to the construction phase, and beyond.

By offering high quality structural drafting services and Structural Drawings, we take pride in establishing long term relationships with our clients. You can be confident that all of our structural drafting and structural steel detailing drawings will be completed in accordance with the international standards.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We deliver high quality, cost effective structural steel detailing services which makes us the premier destination amongst other firms.