We provide detailed steel fabrication and shop drawings using the latest CAD techniques such as AutoCAD, Tekla Structure

We offer numerous structural drafting and steel detailing services, including:

  • Advance bill of Material
  • 3D modeling
  • 2D shop drawings
  • 2D erection drawings
  • Fabtrol-certified output
  • CNC, DXF, KISS,TBP,IFC and DSTV files
  • Foundation plans with footing and column schedules
  • Steel detailing such as fabrication drawings, erection drawings of steel Embed, Steel Framing, Sectional Elevation of Building, field details, framing plans, anchor bolts with templates.
  • Materials reports such as advance bill of materials, pre-detailing, sequencing lists, cutting lists, assembly lists, members and parts lists, shop and field bolt lists, field bolt location lists, etc.
  • Connections detailing such as beam-beam connections, beam-column connections, beam-slab connections, column-slab connections, diagonal brace connections, plan-brace connections, column-foundation connections, etc.
  • Working drawings for structures
  • Roof truss details
  • Blown-up connection details
  • Element elevations with detailed connection drawings
  • Longitudinal sections of individual elements with bolt, cleat, and plate locations and details
  • Arch & Structural Misc Detailing such as Stair, Gate, Site Rail, Bollard, Fence, Roof Top Unit Frames, Ladder , Ship Ladder, Bollards, Partition Supports, Bike Rack and etc.

Our domestic and international steel detailing projects include:

  • multi-story office buildings
  • schools and universities
  • stadiums
  • airports
  • hospitals
  • churches

We follow the below standards and codes:

  • AISC (American Institute of steel construction)
  • NISD (National Institute of Steel Detailing)
  • OSHA (Occupational safety & health administration)
  • SJI (Steel Joist Institute)
  • SDI ( Steel Deck Institute)
  • AWS (American Welding Society)
  • ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials)

We commit to consistently meet and exceed our customers' expectations through steel detailing services orientated principles and achieve technically, environmentally sound, practical and innovative solutions by using high quality products and personnel. Through our continuous research & development, we can provide cutting edge structural steel design alternatives for any structural projects at conception stage to benefit the client in the matter of time, quality and finance. We would be pleased to solve all your steel detailing needs at affordable rates.

Contact us or send us an email: [email protected] to ask for our free quotation for your structural steel detailing projects requirements. Our steel detailers will be happy and proud to be of assistance with your steel detailing projects.





  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Minimized human errors
  • Customized project process
  • Guaranteed accuracy and compliance on all shop drawings
  • Fastidious understanding of your needs
  • Expeditious turnaround time
  • On-time delivery service
  • Collaborative functions such as clash detection
  • Sharing of the model in digital format with other members of the design team, the contractor, or other trades
  • Variety of ways to produce accurate materials lists (ABM), piece counts, and member status reports
  • Better illustrations of design and RFI issues throughout the design, fabrication, and erection phases of the project. The model is used as a 3D reference and communication tool.
  • Extension of the lifecycle of the model by incorporating the final "as-built" model into a "facilities management" (FM) model.